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Tcl Tv Remote Sensor

Introducing the tcl 32 led smart roku 32s321 tv! This great roku features an innovative ir remote sensor board 40-m32d12-kea1lg. This new technology allows you to control your tv with your phone as well as access roku content through your computer. The tcl tv has a powerful on-screen display and is perfect for busy homes or those who want easy viewing from their tv without having to constantly carry around a tv guide.

Tcl Tv Remote Sensor Walmart

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Top 10 Tcl Tv Remote Sensor

The tcl 55us57 tv. Has an proceeded by a 40-40f380-ird2lg ir remote sensor with cable and bracket. This remote sensor can be used to control your tcl 55us57 tv. With a single cable and bracket. the tcl tv remote sensor is a button board ir remote sensor that allows the use of tv / movie footage or pictures as a source of light, control or power applications. The tcl tv remote sensor is a white abs plastic with a blue light sensor inside and is based on the tcl 42-20d291b. the tcl ir remote sensor board for 40fs3800 40fs3850 40fs3750 40fs3400 32s3800 32s3750. This board supports the tcl tv series and updates his board with the latest ir remote sensor. This is a great board for controlling your tcl tv. the tcl 32 led smart roku 32s321 tv has an ir remote sensor board 40-m32d12-ked2hg that allows the tv to detect and control various functions using small, easy to use buttons and controls. The tv also includes a k50d12-cadmium-powered hub that lets the tv connect to other devices, such as other k-notes books, movies, and tv shows.