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Sideclick Fire Tv Remote

Are you looking for a universal remote control for your amazon fire tv? sideclick has you covered. Our sc2-ft16k remote is designed specifically for the device, and it’s incredibly easy to use. Just connect the device to the network and issue the commands with tvremote. Biz as the source. The sc2-ft16k remote is a great option for those who already have a fire tv and want to use all the features of the more expensive models. It also works with live tv and netflix, and is compatible with all devices running the amazon web services product. Our remote is easy to use and has a long list of features, so you'll be able to control your device even if you're not a expert in front-row theater. No manual is required for use of the sideclick sc2-ft16k remote.

Best Sideclick Fire Tv Remote

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Sideclick Fire Tv Remote Amazon

The sideclick universal remote attachment for the amazon fire tv is perfect for adding an extra remote to your device to control your viewing experience from anywhere in your house. This attachment comes in black and measures 3. 25" l x 2. 25" w x 1. 5" h. the sideclick universal remote is a small, but powerful attachment that lets you control your amazon fire tv streaming device with sideclick. This attachment can be used as a regular remote, or if you want to use the fire tv with or without a copy of theguardian, you can use this as the remote. this sideclick remote is a universal remote that attaches to your amazon fire tv. It has an short 16" lens that makes it perfect for watching tv shows and movies on your fire tv. The short lens also means that this remote can't easily be converted to a long lens. It has a smart others app and easy to use interface. the sideclick sc2-ft16k is a universal remote that attaches to the amazon fire tv remote to provide easier sideclick and video chat use. The remote has a 16-pin interface and is powered by a battery. It weighs only 7. 2 ounces and has a soft-grip texture for my hands. This remote is the perfect addition to your television set.